To book a lesson, hack or riding experience please email or fill in our contact form with your (bookings cannot be made over the phone unless via WhatsApp by Suzy)


Weight (please remember we have a strict limit of 13stones)

Riding History

Medical Conditions


Mobile Number (may be added to WhatsApp group for any waiting lists/bookings)

Please add in any other information you feel is relevant to the booking / enquiry.

Please Note: Once a booking has been offered unless otherwise stated  Lands End will hold this space for 24hrs. Please confirm your booking in this period to guarantee your space. Please check our cancellation rules before booking.

Lands End Equestrian Centre,                                        

Whistley Mill Lane
Twyford, Reading
Berks, RG10 0RA

Do not attempt to come through the ford from the A4. Please come from the Hurst / Wokingham side onto Whistley Mill Lane. If in doubt call Linda on the mobile number below and we will direct you in

  • Suzy 07834 838111 General information on lessons, activities and livery.
  • Linda 07885 257900 General Information, directions and film/stage.



or for panto, film, stage or TV