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Turn Around Care Konnections (TACK)

@ Lands End Equestrian Centre

A Little about us….

Lands End Equestrian Centre in a family run Equestrian Centre. We are a Pony Club Centre, Riding for the Disabled Centre (RDA) and are full licensed by Wokingham Borough Council receiving the top level of 5 stars, insured, First aid trained and DBS Checked.  While we offer lessons for all levels and ages of riders we, as a centre specialise in nervous novice clients. For many years Lands End have offered children and adults the opportunity to spend quality time with our wonderful horses learning how to engage and understand the language of a horse.

All our sessions are set in an informal environment encouraging relaxation and engagement.


Equine Therapy

At Lands End we are passionate about helping children and adults grow and enhance their confidence, emotional well-being and self-awareness. Equine therapy has been proven to help improve many aspects of our lives including social skills, communication skills, problem solving and relationship building. Equine Therapy is also a great environment to promote physical, occupational and emotional growth in persons suffering from ADD, Autism, Developmental Delay, Genetic Syndromes, behavioural issues and many other mental health problems. Horses are large animals who communicate and respond mainly through non-verbal communication, like body language.

We have offered our Equine Therapy sessions for many years working with individuals both privately and recommended by Wokingham Borough council.

During the last year many of us have suffered with the stresses of lockdown and isolation and there has since been an unprecedented increase in psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addictions.

We have decided to expand our service to include working with local schools, charities and NHS. Our sessions can be private 1-1 sessions of 30mins or 1hour or small group sessions from 1hour up to a full day. We feel most of our students receive the most benefit from our small group sessions.

During these sessions each student will spend their time learning how their body language and thoughts can effect and impact the horse. Students will learn how to interact with the horse, from grooming and watching the horse in a natural environment working up towards leading and ultimately feeling confident enough to take control and lead the horse alone. We will spend time learning how to care for the horses, beginning with basic care and nutrition. The sessions are taken at each persons’ own pace with no pressure.

All sessions are currently non-ridden (no special equipment required) and currently open for KS2 and above. However younger students can also be catered for.

For prices and more information please contact me on info@landsendec.com or 07834 838 111