Lessons and Activities 

Below we will explain a few of the activates that we offer at Lands End equestrian Centre. However if you have any questions about any activity or if you do not see what you would like to book on the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact us or call / WhatsApp Suzy on 07834838111


Adult Group Lessons

Our adult group lessons usually run daytime Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the year. Group lessons are 1hour long (unless otherwise stated) and cover a range of topics from flatwork, pole work SJ and XC. Our groups work best for riders that want to attend weekly or more regularly as they do become a super social way of gaining fitness while making great friends! These lessons suit most levels from beginner / novice upwards. 

Adult Hacks

Our adult hacks are super fun and relaxed. All our hacks are accompanied by instructors who are always on hand to offer advice as and when required. We can offer hacks for private hacks, small groups or join our regular groups (if suitable level). This is the best way to get back in the saddle or learn the basics and build knowledge and confidence. 

Adult Camps / Clinics

We regularly run adult camps and clinics throughout the year. These can cover any specific subject including SJ, Flatwork and XC and often include stable management. Due to such high demand our clinics and camps are only available to our regular riders.

Child Private Lessons

Private lessons are a fantastic way to work on progressing your skills. Whether you want to work on a specific difficulty or work up to our next level, private lessons will ensure you can get there! Unfortunately we have had to close our waiting list for private lessons currently due to high demand. 

Walkout Lessons

At Lands End we use walkout lessons for a range of riders, We can offer walkout lessons for regular group lessons, one off group or private lessons and mixed age groups / family lessons. 

During a walkout lesson every rider has their own horse / pony and there will be extra helpers on the ground (dependant on requirements) plus an instructor to help you improve and have fun while enjoying a hack through the country lanes. 

Pony Sessions

Our pony sessions are 2 - 3 hours long (unless stated). During the pony sessions every rider will receive a group lesson (either in the school, field or hack) plus receive lessons and activities in stable management covering many topics from mucking out and poo picking - show prep and anatomy. We cover many topics in lots of ways to keep riders engaged and try to follow pony club tests to keep knowledge up to date, should riders choose to progress onto The Pony Club.

Pony sessions are run weekly on Saturdays (AM and PM sessions, for weekly riders only) during term time and extra sessions available during school holidays. 

Children's Camps / Clinics

Our children's camps and clinics are run throughout the year once again covering many different topics. During school holidays regularly offer Pole, SJ, Dressage and XC clinics working on specific technique. Our Camps are usually suited to independent riders and can include lots of activities. The highlight of the year is riders being invited to our eventers camp staying for 6 full days and 5 nights learning and working on Dressage, SJ and XC with a full ODE on the Saturday to show off their skills. You may notice those that have attended as they wear their celebration hoodies with pride around the yard!

Our camps and clinic are only open to riders who attend weekly and / or loan ponies with us at Lands End.

Riding Club

The riding club is a weekly meet up for those that love their riding and are committed to weekly lessons at Lands End. The riding club is open almost every Saturday and those attending spend their time learning pony care and playing with their friends. This is a great way to meet new lifelong friends, learn and strengthen skills, gain fitness and get ready for loaning.

Those attending arrive at 8am and are collected at 3.15pm on Saturdays. 

Although this is completely separate to lessons the riding club runs in conjunction with the lessons and activities and is not available to those not attending weekly lessons at Lands End

(Please note the riding club price does not include any riding lessons - Pony sessions are paid separately)

Pony Club

For more information on how to join The Pony Club please see Suzy 

Adult Loans

Running during the week our adult loans are the most cost effective way to gain confidence and experience with your horse riding. Our group[ of adult loaners are great fun, social and extremely welcoming. Our loan packages include 2 lessons per week and huge discounts on clinics and camps. For more information please email info@landsendec.com

Child Loans

Once childen are in weekly lessons, they can progress on to our riding club and if they wish move on to our loans. 

Our loans run 2 evenings per week and all day Saturday during term time and daytime during the holidays. 

Each person receives 2 lessons per week and a huge discount on clinics shows and camps. Each person has their very own pony to look after however they may ride a selection of horses/ponies to ensure their knowledge and understanding grows week to week. 


Throughout the year all of our clients (those in weekly lessons and loaners) work towards our In-house awards.

When we have our awards ceremony everyone is invited to come and celebrate everyone's achievements. We use our in-house awards to keep riders motivated and offer activities throughout the year. 


For any further information please email Suzy or call 07834 838 111